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Waste Transfer Notes


A waste transfer note is a document that records a transfer of waste from one party to another. It includes details of the place, date and time of transfer, the parties involved, the license or permit number of the person receiving the waste, and a description of the waste being transferred. The description of the waste should include the relevant European Waste Catalogue codes, as well as an indication of quantity and/or weight.

When a business transfers waste to another party, the transfer should be recorded by a waste transfer note. The meaning of 'transfer' in this context means passing responsibility - it does not mean transport from A to B. Hence the waste transfer note details the parties and addresses where the transfer of responsibility took place not where the waste ended up. So, in the typical scenario of a waste carrier collecting waste from a client's premises and taking it to a waste transfer station run by a third party, there will be two waste transfers and two waste transfer notes. The first documents the transfer from the original producer of the waste to the waste carrier, and the second when the waste carrier delivers the waste the tip (commonly referred to as a 'tipping receipt' or 'weighbridge ticket'). In this common circumstance, while the producer may be interested in where the waste ends up his only legal obligation is to have a waste transfer note for the collection transfer, not the disposal transfer

Businesses transferring waste to another party require a waste transfer note for every transfer and should keep it on file for at least 2 years. Kings Fire will issue a Waste Transfer / Duty of Care note everytime we dispose of your waste so you have piece of mind that you and your service provider are abiding by the law.