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Fire Hydrant Testing

Private underground fire hydrants require regular inspection in accordance with BS 9990 to ensure that they will work in an emergency situation allowing the fire brigade to connect their hoses in the vicinity of the fire to access water more easily.

Fire hydrants should be inspected and tested once per year to ensure the water pressure and flow rate are adequate, the results should be recorded. Since 1989, it has been the responsibility of a building's owner / occupier to keep its fire hydrant systems in working order.

Fire Hydrant Testing
Fire Hydrant Testing

Our testing will show if your fire hydrants are achieving the required flow rates as requested by your local fire brigade or fire risk assessment (This is your responsibility to obtain this information). 

We use flow meters supplied by Vernon Morris who are one of the UK's most trusted suppliers of fire hydrant testing equipment. 

We will issue you with a report for each fire hydrant after the testing has been completed.

If there are any small parts required like false spindles, Signage or caps these can be fitted during the testing to ensure the hydrants work and be identified as they should at all times. 

There are not many fire protection businesses who have the ability to test fire hydrants. If your business has a requirement for fire hydrant testing contact us for pricing and availability. 

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