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Ancillary Equipment

The British Standard for most disciplines advises that measures need to be taken to minimise vandalism and its impact on fire equipment. This is why most premises will require some form of ancillary equipment to be installed.

It may also be a requirement of your fire risk assessment that some form of ancillary equipment is required.  

Ancillary equipment can also assist you minimising your Health & Safety risks. Placing covers on Fire Extinguishers for example can stop tampering or vandalism.

Single fire extinguisher cabinet
Single fire extinguisher cabinet

Depending on usage, vandalism, Weather or just general protection we provide all the necessary ancillary equipment to solve any eventuality.

Fire extinguisher stands, Cabinets, Fire extinguisher covers, Covers for Fire Alarm Call Points, Backboards etc. are all available to be supplied & installed. 

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