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Caravan, Motorhome and campsite fire safety


Fire safety within the camping & leisure industry is often overlooked. Whether you own a caravan, Motorhome or manage a campsite it's essential that you have the correct equipment in place should a fire break out.

We have put together some information which you will find helpful when considering your fire safety and also various fire safety packs you can purchase from us which will ensure you have the correct equipment available to assist you should the unthinkable happen.

Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket for caravan or motorhome
Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket for caravan or motorhome
Caravan & motorhome fire safety
Caravan & motorhome fire safety

Caravan & Motorhome Fire Safety Risks

When you consider the fire risk within your caravan or motorhome it's quite surprising how many different risks are present.

A caravan usually has a tow car / Van with the motorhome being all one unit. These both have inherent fire risks associated with them as vehicle fires are common and occur frequently on our roads. Engines can malfunction, Brakes can overheat together with the risks of fuel its quite a combination. Vehicles will have a 'A' & 'B' Fire risk associated with them if petrol or diesel.

Both caravans and motorhomes will have propane, butane or LPG gas to power ovens, Hobs & Heating when an electric hook up is unavailable. This is a 'C' Class fire risk.

Fires resulting from an electrical malfunction are also a risk when the caravan or motorhome is connected to a hook up / Solar panel. This can be from the electrical system within the vehicle or something else used like a TV, Heater, Kettle, Cooker, Chargers, Laptops to name few. In the UK there is no fire class associated with electrical fires as the electrical fault causes the fire and is a fuel.

There is also the practical side to look at as fire risks occur from people smoking, Lighting fires, BBQ's, Candles, General cooking and many more.

Campsites can be large so ensuring the correct level of fire safety equipment is essential
Campsites can be large so ensuring the correct level of fire safety equipment is essential

Campsite Fire Safety Risks

Campsites in general have a multitude of fire safety risks as they have to consider all the above plus the buildings that they have in place around the site.

Buildings within a campsite could include Electrical rooms, Gas storage, Retail outlet, Plant rooms, Entertainment venues, Restaurant's & Kitchen's, Washroom's & Changing rooms.

Fire safety measures must be looked at on a building by building basis and areas within the campsite will be required to have fire safety points scattered around the site. The fire points would usually contain fire extinguishers in weather protected boxes or cabinets (These can also be alarmed) together with either rotary bells or battery powered alarm / sounders.

It will also be a legal obligation for most campsites to have a fire risk assessment carried out to ensure the site complies with fire safety legislation and standards.

How can we help you?

Being caravan owners and a member of the caravan & motorhome club ourselves for over 25 years we understand that fire safety is a very important part of not just your own caravan or motorhome but also the sites which accommodate you. 

We are more than happy to assist caravan or motorhome owners with their fire safety requirements and also the Caravan & Motorhome Club, Camping & Caravan Club sites which accommodate caravans, Motorhomes & tents.