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Fire Extinguisher Hire in Brackley

If you are organising an event and need to hire fire extinguishers in Brackley or the surrounding area's then we are the business to assist you with your requirements.

We have hired fire extinguishers and other fire safety related equipment to clients who run many types of events such as F1 Hospitality at Silverstone, fashion shows, Movie and film production companies to product launches like Chanel in Central London.

Other events which may require fire extinguishers for hire include but are not limited to -

  • Music concerts & Festivals
  • Production Sets
  • Sporting events
  • Motorsport events
  • Exhibitions
  • Local & regional fairs
  • Trade shows
  • Firework displays
  • School PTA outside events
Fire extinguisher hire for one of the F1 Hospitality areas at Silverstone
Fire extinguisher hire for one of the F1 Hospitality areas at Silverstone

Where there is a need for fire safety protection for staff and the public for an event you will usually look to hire fire extinguishers on a short to medium term rather than purchase outright. 

Whether your event is indoor or outdoor this ensures that your event is held in as safe an environment as possible for everyone involved.

You can hire fire extinguishers for a week, weekend or a few months if you require. 

We can supply standard red or chrome Fire extinguishers, Stands, Signage & Portable alarms. 

We can also carry out your Fire Risk Assessment of the site which ensures you have the adequate amount of equipment to cover all risks. 

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