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Choosing a new fire safety provider


You and your business has or is just about to move into its own premises. This bring all sorts of additional costs and concerns, One of which is your fire protection. The purpose of our blog is to try and help you choose the best provider using our extensive experience. 

Where Do I Start?

Are you starting with a new building or want to change from your current provider. In either scenario there is one key piece of advice, Do some research online and speak to people. 

Use local directories as well as search engines as there are some great family owned business out there that won't be found on the first few pages of a search engine. Most businesses who appear at the top or on the first page of a search engine are often the larger corporate businesses and dont always offer that personal service your business requires. 

Look for qualifications and client reviews. There are lots of different businesses claiming to be fire safety professionals but in reality are not qualified and do not carry out work to any standards. Client reviews say a lot about a business so shouldn't be ignored. Check the reviews to see if they are genuine. 

Select a few businesses who you would like to speak with and give them a call. Any decent business should put you onto someone straight away or if nobody's available take your details and contact you within 24 hours. 

Terms & Conditions

If you are going to change provider check your terms & conditions. Your current provider may have a clause which states you have to pay an amount of money if you change within a certain time period. It would be expected that this would have been explained to you at the time you signed an agreement but it's not always the case. If you are let down with any part of your agreement you can argue that your current provider has breached the agreement 

Unless you have a rental agreement with your current provider all the fire protection equipment is your property and will not be removed when you cancel your agreement. 

Third Party Certification

Although third party certification is something to look for with a provider it's not always essential to choose someone who has qualified for the BAFE scheme. Speak to your selected businesses about their qualifications and anyone serious should be able to show competence by producing certificates. Some businesses may want to achieve the BAFE scheme in future but do not have the resource to do so at this time. The most important thing is competence, Always ask to see a current certificate.   

Cost Versus Quality

Cost is always an important aspect of running a business however you should not let cost outweigh quality especially when it comes to your fire safety. Do not go for the cheapest option as you will likely be disappointed with quality of service, product or customer experience. It's been proven that you cannot do a decent job for next to nothing. You need to find a provider whose costs sit in the middle of the market. Any decent provider will always discuss the reasons why work needs to be carried out and provide evidence in the form a standards/regulations.  


Look at local directories and find businesses with client reviews. If you want to change provider check your terms & conditions prior to cancelling and try to leave with a breach of agreement on the providers part. Choose a business who can provide you certificates of competency whilst ensuring you receive quality service at a reasonable price. Ask them to show how they operate and what they can do to ensure they provide you with the best possible service & products. 

Kings Fire prides itself on quality customer service & products. We have different agreement options to suite all types of business and are always very open and honest. If this is what you are looking for then please complete the below contact form and we will be in touch to discuss the possible options.