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Fire Extinguishers and Your Business


Over the last 10 years the Fire Industry Association carried out a survey into the usage of portable fire extinguishers, this showed that where the fires were fought using portable fire extinguishers 80% were successfully extinguished, and that in 75% of cases there was no need to call the Fire and Rescue services. 

Based on their findings there is no doubt that portable fire extinguishers play a very important role in the preservation of life and property. Portable fire extinguishers can reduce the risk of a small fire, for example, a fire in a waste paper bin developing into a large one. In particular, for educational or healthcare premises they may mean the difference between a complete and no evacuation.

The safe use of a fire extinguisher to control a fire in its early stages can significantly reduce the risk to other people in the premises, allowing people to assist others at risk or who are particularly vulnerable.

Over 70% of companies who have a large fire never recover! Could you afford to take a risk?

By law training must be provided to people who would be expected to attempt to extinguish a fire. All staff however, should be familiar with the location and basic operating procedures of the portable fire extinguishers provided, in case they need to use it, remembering that portable fire extinguishers may be required to aid escape.

All fire safety equipment should be installed and maintained by a 'competent person'. Under the Fire Safety Order, a person is to be regarded as competent where they have sufficient training and passed the required exams to enable them to properly assist in undertaking the preventive and protective measures. A competent person should be able to advise on the number of fire extinguishers required by using the correct calculations based on floor areas. They also  look at specific risks in the premises and ensure they are positioned correctly. 

Portable fire extinguishers are tested, tried and trusted and evidence from the market proves that they are successful in dealing with small fires. Their installation could save and property whilst protecting the ongoing operations of commercial companies, educational establishments, healthcare organisations etc.

All of our Technicians have the required certification to assist you with all aspects of extinguisher fire safety. From survey, supply, commissioning, installation and maintenance we are here to make your fire safety responsibilities and compliance as easy as possible. If you are unsure about your needs we would recommend that you start with a visit from us to assess your fire safety requirements. This will ensure that you know what to do next and what fire safety training may be required.

If you have any questions or would like to get quality fire safety advice please contact us, We'd be more than happy to help.