Frequently Asked Questions

To help you we have listed our most frequently asked questions

Question: What areas do you cover?

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Question: Do my fire extinguishers have to be serviced by the same day of the month each year?

Answer: No, This is due to the British Standards for portable fire extinguishers stating that the service frequency is annual +/- a month. This means that the actual day when they were serviced the previous year is irrelevant. You can even have them serviced in the month prior or the month after the fire extinguishers were originally due for inspection. 

Question: Can my fire extinguishers be placed on the floor?

Answer: No, The British Standard for portable fire extinguishers states that fire extinguishers need to be fitted to a wall or placed on a suitable floor stand. By keeping fire extinguishers on the floor you are at risk of causing damage to the equipment and creating an unnecessary trip hazard. 

Question: How will i know when my equipment is due for maintenance?

Answer: We aim to make your experience with Kings Fire as hassle free as possible. We take the worry of maintenance schedules away from our clients. When your equipment is due for maintenance we telephone you in advance to book appointments for each maintenance visit. 

Question: How do i know if i have too many or not enough fire safety equipment?

Answer: Every time we carry out an inspection we review your fire safety requirements to the relevant standards. This ensures that you have exactly the correct amount of equipment to cover the relevant risks within your premises. 

Question: Do my fire extinguishers belong to my current service provider?

Answer: In most cases you own your fire extinguishers, Fire blankets, Stands etc. When you purchase fire extinguishers they are your property and the current provider has no right to remove them without your prior consent. The only case where the current provider owns the fire equipment is when you have entered into a hire agreement with your current provider. 

Question: Are you qualified to service my equipment?

Answer: In order to carry out fire safety maintenance we ensure that all necessary certification is in place for anyone visiting your premises. Feel free at any time to request a copy of our certificates of competency. If we or our subcontractors are not certified to carry out maintenance on specific equipment we will not carry out any works.  

Question: Do you provide asset registers for my fire equipment?

Answer: When we carry out a first service on your fire extinguishers we compile a new asset register which includes locations, types, size, Dates when new or last tested and dates when the equipment is due test or replacement. This information is emailed to each client along with their certificate after every inspection. This also assists our clients with the following years budgeting. 

Question: Can you service the fire extinguishers and fire alarm system at the same time?

Answer: We do not believe in having multi skilled Technicians. In order to provide the best knowledge we will only send technicians who are experts in their own field. You can request that both services are carried out on the same day, But this a rare and not often required. The British Standards for most disciplines ensures there is enough flexibility in the service frequencies to get each service discipline carried out in adequate time. 

Question: What's the frequency of fire door inspections?

Answer: Fire doors should be inspected six monthly as a minimum. If you have doors which are high use it is advised to have them inspected every three months.  

Question: Do i have to carry out a new fire risk assessment every year?

Answer: Providing nothing has changed from the previous year you can safely sign off your review if you are comfortable with signing off the document. If there have been changes to the building or working practices then we would advise that a new fire risk assessment is carried out by a competent and experienced fire risk assessor. We would also advise that a fresh risk assessment is carried out every two to three years due to any legislative changes which you may not be aware of and could have an impact on your safety. 

Question: Do i only need to have a wet test on my dry riser system?

Answer: The annual wet test is one part of the testing process of a dry riser system. The system "Stack" must be filled with water to a set pressure and hold for an amount of time as stated in the British Standards. You cannot and should not test a dry riser system with air only (Some fire protection businesses actually do this!) The British Standards advises that you also have 6 monthly visual inspections on each dry riser stack. 

Question: Will the fire brigade test my fire hydrants?

Answer:  Since 1989, it has been the responsibility of a building's owner / occupier to keep its fire hydrant systems in working order.

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