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Dry Riser Testing - St Albans

Dry riser systems must be hydraulic pressure tested (wet test) annually with six monthly visual  inspections in accordance with British Standard 9990:2015

Without regular testing and maintenance of your dry riser system you wont know if it will operate correctly in the event of an incident. An untested dry riser system could pose a considerable threat to loss of life and property. Dry riser systems are used by the fire brigade and must be in fully working order at all times.

Dry riser systems are also prone to vandalism and the theft of the metal valves. Regular testing and visual inspections ensure that any damage to the system is rectified to ensure there is a fully working system. 

We can also provide services for new installations and repairs to keep your system working correctly. 

We use highly experienced Engineers to ensure the systems are installed & tested to the relevant standards.

Wet riser systems also fall under the same standards. 

If you have a dry riser system in St Albans or surrounding areas please don't hesitate to call us for more information and a competitive quotation. 

You could be prosecuted if your system has not been regularly tested and inspected in accordance with relevant standards. 

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